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yepp Member List

This is the complete list of members for yepp, including all inherited members.

build_trackID(string &trackID, string filename)yepp [protected]
bulk_bufferyepp [private]
clear_buffers(void)yepp [protected]
clear_bulk_buffer(void)yepp [protected]
clear_control_buffer(void)yepp [protected]
clear_halt(unsigned int endpoint)yepp [protected]
clear_recv_buffer(void)yepp [protected]
clear_send_buffer(void)yepp [protected]
control(int request, unsigned char lsb, unsigned char msb)yepp
control_bufferyepp [private]
data_lengthyepp [private]
delete_track(unsigned int trackno, bool internal=true)yepp
devyepp [protected]
dev_handleyepp [protected]
device_capacityyepp [private]
device_info_stringyepp [private]
device_space_availableyepp [private]
download(const char *filename, bool internal=true, void(*callback)(int, int)=NULL)yepp
error_stackyepp [private]
ext_playlistyepp [private]
external_capacityyepp [private]
external_space_availableyepp [private]
file_present(const char *filename, bool internal)yepp [protected]
format(bool internal=true)yepp
get_device_capacity(int &internal, int &int_avail, int &ext, int &ext_avail)yepp
get_device_info(string &dev_info)yepp
get_playlist(bool internal)yepp
get_playlist(yeppPlaylist &internal, yeppPlaylist &external)yepp
has_external_memyepp [private]
init(struct usb_device *dev, int usb_debug=0)yepp
last_error(string error)yepp [protected]
last_error(const char *method, const char *format,...)yepp [protected]
move_track(bool internal, unsigned int from, unsigned int to)yepp
operator<<(ostream &os, yepp &u)yepp [friend]
playlistyepp [private]
read_endpointyepp [private]
recv(int request, unsigned char lsb, unsigned char msb, char *buffer, int size)yepp
recv_bufferyepp [private]
reset_ep(unsigned int endpoint)yepp [protected]
retriesyepp [protected]
send(int request, unsigned char lsb, unsigned char msb, char *buffer, int size)yepp
send_bufferyepp [private]
timeoutyepp [protected]
upload(unsigned int trackno, string filename="", void(*callback)(int, int)=NULL)yepp
usb_debugyepp [protected]
write_endpointyepp [private]
yepp()yepp [inline]

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